Cloud9 – A Case Study.


Services Used: Google Penalty Recovery

A leading online retailer of CBD oil and other vape and vaporizer products was hit with low quality links that were syndicated throughout the web by what looked like to be competitor spam. The nature of the anchors in the links were all similar and from obviously low quality blogsites and forums etc. This site was then hit with a Google manual action penalty for Unnatural Links.

Image of AHREFs backlink profile report indicating the spike in back links by negative spam.

Original Webmasters Tools Manual Action

They came to us for answers and after we conducted a complete on and off-page assessment for their web entity and found that they had really high-quality links as well as the low-quality links that initially triggered the penalty. Once we identified the “dofollow” and low-quality links, we were then able to successfully remove them by requesting directly from the questionable link sources.

Disavow File and Reconsideration Request

After the webmasters successfully removed most of the suspect links we were ready to submit the disavow file for the links that we couldn’t get removed and listed them into a text file that was submitted to Google to process and ignore.

We then wrote a detailed reconsideration request that pointed out each of the steps that we took in detail to clean it up. We included links to the the working files on Google Drive and attached screenshots for the manual team’s review.



Then Finally – Success, Penalty Removed!

Within two weeks of submitted the disavow request we received a successful message for re-inclusion into Google’s index and started getting traffic back right away. (It helped to keep the quality “dofollow” links for ranking after the penalty is lifted.)

Before and After the Penalty

Here you could see the initial drop in rank prior to the reconsideration. Once the penalty was released because of our strategy traffic instantly returned. The difference in volume is associated to removing suspect links that caused the decline and now the phone rings with new orders everyday.